Our Mission: To provide menstrual and hygiene products to homeless

and low-income individuals throughout Yakima Valley and beyond.  We believe that dignity and access to affordable menstrual products are a human right.

Our Story

Every person, regardless of their station in life, is valuable, deserving of kindness and should always be able to retain their dignity regardless of circumstances. Imagine having to live on the streets and being unable to get menstrual hygiene products.. or clean underclothes.. or a place to wash yourself.




At W4W, we recognize that periods are an incredibly taboo subject in today’s society and that is why part of our mission is to change that. At some point in time people were given the idea that menstruating is embarrassing and shameful. We have even given periods code names because it has become inappropriate to even use the word 'period'. Now imagine knowing the stigma associated with periods in general, coupled with not having access to menstrual products.

This is a problem that millions of people, right here in the United States, including very young people, face each month. Without access to proper care they are forced to use articles of clothing or other items that they can glean, to line their clothing, which can lead to embarrassment, discomfort, stress and even infection.

Somehow, as a society we have managed to overlook this serious problem, that must stop now. The government grants money each year for social service providers to purchase condoms, because they are “essential items.” However, shelters and social service agencies receive zero government funding to cover the cost of menstrual products because they have been deemed “luxury” items. For people in shelters and on the streets, tampons and pads have actually become a luxury item, and that is unacceptable. We can change that, and together we will. 

Please consider donating either a cash gift, which will be used to buy essential needs for those in need, or choose items from our Amazon Wishlist which will be sent directly from Amazon to our headquarters in Washington State.

Volunteers from W4W will then distribute the items to our partner organizations that serve those in need who may be on the streets or staying in shelters. Any size donation can help.



Women For Women of Yakima was founded by Ranae York in 2017. Ranae was

previously the Executive Director of a domestic violence and homelessness

program in Eastern Washington State. She has seen firsthand the devastating

effects that homelessness and living in poverty have on those that cannot afford

basic essential needs.

Ranae was driven to launch the project due to the overwhelming need in Yakima

and surrounding areas for menstrual products for people that cannot

afford them.


'I will do anything and everything I can to ensure that every person that finds themself without the hygiene products they need will be supported and assisted through Women for Women. The need is glaringly

apparent. What if they were your loved one? What would you do?'

For most people, getting their period is little more than an annoyance, filled with uncomfortable cramps and related discomfort. But for people experiencing homelessness, getting your period can lead to stress, embarrassment, missing meals,

and missing opportunities.

Ranae York, Founder and Director

Ranae York, Founder and Director of Women for Women of Yakima