Donor Recognition

Our program is 100% funded by grants and donations. The positions held by our volunteers are just that, all volunteer. We would not be able to do what we do were it not for the incredible generosity of our grantors and donors. Each year, as the word of our mission spreads and catches traction, our funding increases and we are able to make an even greater impact in our communities. We would like to publicly acknowledge and extend our gratitude to the following organizations and individuals that help us continue our mission. While some of our donors choose to remain anonymous, our gratitude certainly extends to them as well. Thank you.

Yakima Valley Community Foundation

United Way of Central Washington

Latino Community Fund

Zonta Club of Yakima Valley

U by Kotex

Lisa Picatti

Teresa Guerin

Natalie Niemi & Judith Van Hees/JV Accounting

Tanya Rodriguez/Ambassador Slabs & Hardwoods/Scott's Tree Co.

Monica Prado
Alissa Perry
Janet Barnes
Cindi and Brian Dixon
Kandice Carlson
Sarah Minnis
Shelly Coggeshell
Lisa Helgeson
Brandy Garner
Charity Shirley
Audrey Forth
Anna Picinich
Rachel Evans
Toni Tepper Johnson
Sara Hobbs
Marya Noyes
Mallory Huibregtse
Alicia DeGon
Sara Gross
Andrea Shirley
Megan Murphy
Jaime Boquet
Rosa Covarrubias
Alex Warnat
Denise Wolf
Kelly Kilpatrick
Christina Stutzman
Judith McInnis
Monica Olney
Jill Shirley
Terra Davido